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Elections, for their part, are typically popularity contests rather than measures of candidates’ relative competency or effectiveness. Imagine if scientific truth were determined according to which scientist was most popular. To be successful, scientists would have to be charismatic and attractive – and human knowledge would suffer terribly. [Nathan Myhrvold]

Hi there! We’re the Corona Family, and we’d love to take over your world!

We know you’ve heard about us and perhaps have been affected by us. So this is our section to tell you more about us, in particular our many qualities and our genealogy stuff!


  1. Viruses and bacteria both descended from an ancient cellular life form. But while – like humans – bacteria evolved to become more complex, viruses became simpler.  Richter, Cosmos Magazine, October, 2015:
  2. We controlled our destiny by indulging in the sheer delight of replicating ourselves in host beings.  Our favourite spot of indulgence is development in the human being.  Each human being we can infiltrate is like a planet in our universe, or, as we say, our coniverse.  We have some of the same problems you have on your planet – global warming, overcrowding, food scarcity.  However, it’s not a long nor a difficult trip to another planet where we can thrive.  And think about the choices in space travel we have vis a vis what you have!  Ours is a veritable exponential banquet table!


This site is about you. I hope you find it worthwhile.

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