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particles and collisions

ha! thirteen billion year old lightbulb,
microwave background of the
universe, harvesting and brewing
bluegreen primordial soup and throwing in
our galaxy’s cosmic curds – why do they


who is the master chef at the ‘antediluvian light’?
who the sous chef?
who manages, listens, watches, stirs, directs?
temperature, stages, benign neglect, love applied and
withheld – all brought together in
precision to encourage the curdy bluegreen muck
to gain mass and volume and shoot off clusters of
newborn irradiated galaxies stewed by
the sun.


hallelujah! shout the archangels while
the heavenly host fly and sing to the
music of the spheres!

all, not merely a few, must see this and
abandon fear and whatifs – what if
i die?
what if
the planet dies?
drop fear and soar – there are so many
places to visit when
we leave.



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