I am Keats as you are: Henry Peirson for Glenn Peirson

Henry presents his father’s poem, “We are an Easter people,” from his father’s book, I am Keats as you are:

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I am Keats as you are - Glenn Peirson

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02/13/2020 at 15:58

Hello Ellyn
I just wanted to say that Sheri Cabena introduced me to your site this morning. I was so delighted to hear Henry reading Glenn’s poetry. It took me back to the classroom as Henry’s teacher when he was in Grade 2. Glenn would often visit us to read poetry and would be so proud of his talent.
Another memory triggered when Glenn invited the whole class to walk over to Dublin Church to hear Michael Boss playing the organ. We had a private recital and every student had an opportunity to ‘try the organ.’ It was wonderful.
I wasn’t at Central for long but that I have many happy memories of your wonderful son and grandson of course. I felt today that I had ‘come full circle’ watching that lovely video. It’s moments like this that remind me of why I loved being a teacher.
In addition I remember making Doug a cup of tea in the staff room after a cold yard duty and you inviting me to a meeting with the Go Go Grandmothers. Now Sheri and Barrie share ‘Peirson memories’ with me. That’s the greatest gift – that feeling of connection.
I just wanted you to know and I look forward to getting to know more about your work through your site.
Kind regards.
Christine Bretherick

02/13/2020 at 15:54

In reply to Christine Bretherick.
Christine, thank you so much for this lovely note. That the video spoke to you makes all involved very grateful, indeed. And Henry and Mary will find it very special (as I do) that you took us back a few notches in time to Henry in Grade 2, to Glenn reading poetry, to Michael Bloss and his prowess at the organ, to your making Doug a cup of tea and to the invitation to the GoGo Grandmothers. And it’s lovely that you and Sheri and Barrie are in the background, stoking the memory fire. Please help yourself to any reading anytime on this website/blog and feel free to send in contributions. Thank you again, Christine.
from my soul to yours,

02/13/2020 at 15:35

GATHERING a few responses from a few other sources:

How wonderful!

What a beautiful video. Henry is so gifted and lovely. Thank you so much for sharing!

Ellyn:This made my day.  Beautiful! And I love that Henry is doing the reading. So lovely….Thank you for sending this.

Wouldn’t Glenn be so proud…Xo

Ellyn – how wonderful – such talent – and wouldn’t (isn’t) Glenn proud?

Ellyn, I feel sort of drained but uplifted, deeply touched by Henry’s recitation of Glenn’s , “We Are and Easter People”.  It is profound.

Thank you for the lovely video.  Henry does a lovely job of reading his dad’s poem.

Oh Ellyn…that was magnificent, even as water collected in my eyes.

Dear Ellyn and Henry,
I sit in bed with my coffee beside me wondering how to recharge for another day in darkest February and found this wonderful video from you.  It was as though an unseen hand had found me as I clicked on the video and heard words and pictures which lifted me up and moved me back onto the path of hope.  I want everyone to hear the joy that Henry brings to these words with the beauty of his voice and the sincerity of his expression.

How absolutely beautiful !  I would love to see this be part of our Easter celebrations at Dublin. Henry and his friend have brought Glenn’s words to life in a moving and life-giving way.

Oh, Ellyn, this is fabulous! I’ve just had the enormous pleasure of Henry’s voice resounding round my cottage and Glenn’s thoughts so beautifully illustrated by Ian’s creative video.
Stormy winds here (northeastern england). I sowed wildflower seeds on Saturday as an act of hope.

That’s very cool! The video is really great!! Well done to you all! xoxo

Fantastic. Way to go Ellyn, Henry and all involved.

Thank you Ellyn. Quite, quite beautiful. Congratulations to all involved in the making of this tribute.

Such a wonderful, sensitive collaboration. ❤️

Lovely. Well read Henry!

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