What does it mean to “think outside the box”?

Well, for one thing, it means to know what the box is that you’re dealing with (e.g., when will we be back to normal; the actual question and box is something like – when will we be made safe by the vaccination effort?) And then the open up your head and allow any and all questions. And think differently:

  • not to let what other people think affect you
  • to think about the issue in a different way, for instance, someone I knew wanted to talk over his health with his chemo oncologist because that doctor “could think outside the box”… the person I knew wanted radical treatment to be thought of because the outlook was grim
  • when you want to give someone a surprise party, you need to “think outside the box” because you want to design a party around that person and not make it a boring ordeal
  • when you think about what school will become, you want to “think outside the box” because you can’t return to school as it was
  • you want to think of lavender when everybody is thinking of stale air
  • did you just say “think outside the mask”?

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