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Her childhood in Regina, Saskatchewan, rumbling inside her, Ellyn Peirson moved to Ontario at eighteen. Writing, photography and website design are her chief occupations. She perceives writing as the energetic combination of attention, eccentricity, music, perception and solitude. The laboratory is the imagination. The catalyst is the infusion of words, distilled from thoughts. The product is the story. For her, writing is physical and metaphysical. She has had a short story published in The Danforth Review, a poem published in Jones Av and another poem published on (The Red Priest).

Ellyn loves solitude and thrives in an environment of music, Venetian glass and windows to gardens and historic stone buildings. She happens to be Canadian with very old, deep roots in England and Norway and a heart in Italy. Ellyn lives in Guelph, Ontario and at the family cottage on the northern shores of Lake Huron.

you can take the girl out of the prairies; but you can’t take the prairies out of the girl…

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My whole childhood was spent in Regina, Saskatchewan, in the same house, about a block away from the intersection of the CNR and the CPR. I moved to “the east” to get away when I was eighteen, and my whole fam damily followed me… drove me to Hamilton Nursing School, went home, sold everything, and landed up virtually on my doorstep. So, I never saw inside my house again, and I never said good-bye to Regina or my friends. That and all that happened in my childhood, like all childhoods, shaped my life – massively.

The bleak prairies live deep within me.

My short stories, Joey and Veronica, come out of this prairie gal.



I am a lover of oils and potions,
physics and metaphysics.
I seek patterns and meaning.
I create my own music and magic
from words and sounds and silence and shapes
and look for kindred souls
in the ruins of Pompeii.

Artist’s Statement:

We live on a planet that is a thin place – a place where time and light continually intersect. And yet we are taught to experience life as thick. When we move intentionally through the thickness that surrounds us and perceive Light, we can begin to punch peep-holes into Time. This is my solitary writing and photographic journey, my journey of Time and Light.

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2007-now            PHOTOGRAPHY

2002-now            WRITING, with a lapse of 4 years because of illness in the family

1990-2009           PRIVATE PRACTICE—Counselling & Consulting with individuals committed to high level personal work

2001-2007            WEBSITE WEAVING: Web Design & Construction



MEMBER of RESIDENTIAL PLACEMENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE – four county children’s institutional review;

CHAIR—Wellington Free-Standing Hospice Advisory Council;

BOARD MEMBER—A.I.D.S. Committee of Wellington County;

FAMILY & CHILDREN’S SERVICES—Guelph/Wellington – Variously: Coordinator of After Hours Services & Ass’t. Dept. Manager, Resources Dept.; Acting Manager, Resources Dept.; Projects Officer/Foster Care Development Worker; Foster Care Support Worker;


PROTECTION WORKER, After Hours Services, F&CS;

STUDENT, University of Guelph, while raising four children


  • Transactional Analysis/Object Relations Training & Practice;
  • Wilfrid Laurier University/Interfaith Counselling Centre Training;
  • University of Guelph—Teaching Assistant;
  • A.I.D.S. Education—education, policy development, counselling;
  • Family & Children’s Services Act: trained to train in the new Act;
  • Personnel & Industrial Relations, U. of Guelph;
  • Ministry of Community & Social Services Training;
  • Workshops: addictions, grief, management, writing;
  • Specialized Honours Bachelor of Arts with Distinction, University of Guelph: Dean’s Honours List; English Specialization; Sociology Minor; Family Therapy electives; Graduated with Distinction



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