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    SILENCE by Robert Sardello

    from: probably the best book ever on Silence; Robert Sardello on clearing space for silence and allowing grace. When we have cleared a space for the presence of Silence to enter into whatever we are doing, we feel the presence of grace in our lives. When we have gotten to the point of feeling the desire of Silence and can call to heart that feeling when we are about to begin our day and our work, we feel graced. Grace is a second alteration of the soul that comes through the work of clearing. Grace is the permeation of our soul with divine love. It is a very palpable…

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    Spiritual Practices: Silence

    an excellent resource on Silence Enhances: Contemplation Balances/Counters: Chaos By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat The Basic Practice Silence is often referred to in terms of space: the immensity inside, the cave of the heart, the oasis of quiet, the inner sanctuary, the interior castle, the sacred center where God dwells. For centuries, people have used this practice as a resting and renewal stop on the spiritual journey. It provides a way to periodically withdraw from the world. You may go into silence as a prelude to prayer, or you may seek it as the place where through meditation you can contact your deeper self and Spirit. How can you…

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    I believe in re-imagining when something basically carved in stone is changing. I need a free, plastic mind. MISSION STATEMENT: to encourage re-imagining in keeping with science and caring for our brothers and sisters; to develop a model of the post-covoid world. this is the receptacle for sound, helpful resources. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST AND EXPLAIN GOOD RESOURCES. (EP reserves the right to edit.) seeing things differently:

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