• a re-imagine project

    I believe in re-imagining when something basically carved in stone is changing. I need a free, plastic mind. MISSION STATEMENT: to encourage re-imagining in keeping with science and caring for our brothers and sisters; to develop a model of the post-covoid world. this is the receptacle for sound, helpful resources. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST AND EXPLAIN GOOD RESOURCES. (EP reserves the right to edit.) seeing things differently:

  • yours for Good Friday

    This video, with Ellyn Peirson’s poetry set to Stefano Lentini’s Stabat Mater is intended to bring Good Friday into your heart and home.  It has been made without any kind of rehearsal and certainly not a dress rehearsal!  You can join in by playing your volume tuner!  Blessings to you all as we think of ourselves in the time of Covid19, Italy, because of our Italian connection and Stefano Lentini’s sublime Stabat Mater and the people all over the planet. Be well… and let your home protect you. The poetry is available for you to read below… VOICES from the CRUCIFIXIONsome voices from the crucifixion ~ for contemplation ~ The…

  • in a few words

    ah, the passing of childish things… how well I remember learning to cursive write with pen and ink in Grade two… At least in our city, and probably the whole of Ontario, cursive writing has been abandoned by the Boards of Education.  How very short-sighted and suppressive of those who purport to promote the best for children in their educational experience. As the child grows and learns in many subject areas, so the personality and individuality gradually become evident through the completely unique handwriting of each student. Print script is the digitalization of the personality. Print script is the suppression of creativity. Here’s a fascinating outline handwriting’s history: THOUGHT:…

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