• cancerwords compulsion

    Poetry is the only way to touch upon the experience of cancer. It is also the only way to find the beauty in the beastliness. And for me, it was the only way to express my grief and allow healing into my life. Grief is a many-layered thing. It unfolds and refolds away from and over itself multitudinous times and in varying manifestations. To say that grief will fade away is misleading. To say that it will ameliorate and become an acceptable part of the griever’s psyche is a truth… as long as the griever intentionally grieves.   Because grief begins with the diagnosis and because so much of my experience…

  • After what Interlude?

    After the Interlude explores destiny, the sibling relationship, the impact on destiny of family of origin dynamics, where we were before we were born, where we’re going after we’ve left the planet, thin places, dreams, prayer and the importance of unbending intent. After the Interlude tackles purpose and the most difficult personal question of all personal questions—Why? After the Interlude converses with existence. After the Interlude is an expression of an Everyperson. All human beings know fear. All human beings lose family members. All human beings question. All human beings are wounded and flawed. And, above all, all human beings come with a destiny to be uncovered and lived and…

  • cancerwords

    And yet, through all the pain, sadness and desperate hope, the clarion message of this collection is a mother’s steadfast love for her son. Indeed, her journey, and her son’s, becomes a sort of religious pilgrimage, from which evolves an epiphany: the recognition and ultimate acceptance that the human spirit is larger and more luminous than the grief which shapes it. By the end of the book, we readers feel that we have come to know, through our shared knowledge as survivors of this ubiquitous and systemic disease, this special man, Glenn, and his mother, Ellyn.

  • update on Antonia

    March 15/18:  Antoni ranks #2 in all books in Amazon.com; #4 in all books in Amazon.co.uk, and #1 in Amazon.ca. “Drama, pathos, love, intrigue, murder – all the ingredients of excellent fiction are there, along with impeccable use of the English language… highly recommended.” – Linda Clay

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