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are you there?

Excerpt from invISibility vISibyllized
are you there? here? are
you the shorewaves grandeur of our Huron,
the seasons of your beloved service berry tree in your home garden,
the voice of theodora when she sings and astonishes in her absoluteness of pitch, are you
the voice of her finger-
tips releasing the music that wants to live, are you her colours of quavers and her kinship with the music
of the spheres? and are you her sanguine
approach to this often chaotic planet?
Glenn Peirson
are you there? here? are
you as visible as the wind, your fre-
quency now so high we can only see or feel the
effect… if we apply intent as straight as
the flight of an ancient quiver? are
you the insatiable appetite of henry to
know everything, invent and recreate, to file allworthiness in the microchip chambers of his Dickinson
brain, are we talking about the sound of
silence and do you heft
things as syllables of sound?
are you there? here? are
you the continuance of familiar and elegant gestures, the imprint where Mary gains strength in resting, the new resident in her
soul where the two of you live in the immaterial, where your one soul is
sustained by the speed of
light, the absence of
yes. you are. there. here
in the running dialogue of our souls, in the ephemeral touch on my shoulder, the voice that is forever accessible if I listen beyond silence.
and i know that this was somehow meant to
be, but i dare go no further. for words are chaff
thrown into the wind when it comes to the feebleness of descriptions in the Kingdom

of Broken Asunder Bonds. Is it then Narnia where you

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a Gift of SILENCE for Sarah

I ran across some writing I had done a long time ago in Pastoral Counselling Training I was taking at Laurier University.  This is for you, Sarah, with my love and prayers and for anyone else who wishes to read it.   NUMINOUS GARDENS Numen: guardian deity an indwelling, guiding force or spirit Dearest Numen…

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When We’re Not Inventing Reality

During Sunday morning’s wonderful Hymn Fest, I became captivated by the quality and dispersal of the light in the sanctuary.  Patterns, colours, rays, illuminations ran their quiet gamut.  For me, the light was the many manifestations of the Holy Spirit, so available in our family life right now. As I was shooting what spoke to…

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50. winter sun

winter sun slicing through time, precision-lasering, ener- vating the dull, the dismal, banishing them briefly and slapping awake the faces of botany and human- ity, until we sense the coursing of blood through our veins, we notice you, at last, in the red surges in our surroundings we feel it, this happiness, this joy in…

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imagine the Imagination!

Did you know we’re living in true science fiction? Ponder that oxymoronic phrase. You see, I’ve always loved phrases that jar. They came out of my love of writing, particularly poetry, and physics. And it was truly quite a thrill to “create” people I’d never conceived of when I wrote my first novel. They walked…

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