• Antonia’s world

    from ANTONIA OF VENICE: The promenade buzzed with vibrant energy. Frock-coated and gowned quartets of opinion had joined others until the din was almost musical. The audience had spilled out from the Chiesa onto the promenade and almost into the Bacino after a sensational concert. No one was anxious to leave. Emotional comments here were offset by high criticisms there. “Spectacular!” “But did you miss the male voice? I mean, instruments are instruments; but a female voice?” “What did you think of the soloist? Was her voice not a little light?” “Ah, but she must be a lovely creature—very pure singing. It’s a shame she’ll end up in some convent.…

  • Antonia of Venice Reviews

    A complex concerto in words. The protagonist is music brought to life by exceptional character development intertwined with music. As a Fine Arts major and classical pianist, I soared with a musical composition in words. Gripping, mystical and sometimes dark this one of the most remarkable books I have read in years. (Kindle customer)  

  • cancerwords

    And yet, through all the pain, sadness and desperate hope, the clarion message of this collection is a mother’s steadfast love for her son. Indeed, her journey, and her son’s, becomes a sort of religious pilgrimage, from which evolves an epiphany: the recognition and ultimate acceptance that the human spirit is larger and more luminous than the grief which shapes it. By the end of the book, we readers feel that we have come to know, through our shared knowledge as survivors of this ubiquitous and systemic disease, this special man, Glenn, and his mother, Ellyn.

  • After the Interlude

    Birth and Death and in-between: I loved each page of this work. A book about the soul, from the soul. A word of hope, of better understanding our Way and our connection with the Universe.  

  • Mudlarks & Meadowlarks – salon readings

    Harry Westley, youngest of eight children, writer, musician, father, was born in Mile End New Town, London, England in 1882. Harry’s London, the Cockney slums of Jack-the-Ripper, squalor, disease and workhouses, was the London Blake foreknew. Harry’s gift to his progeny was to establish life in Canada and to take the family Bible with him across the Atlantic.

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