quotes from the 5 books

#1  never go near anyone with a mask

The Maestro and the Prioress kept me cloistered as a child. They were particularly concerned that I never trust anyone with a mask. “The tradition is evil, Anna,” they would remind me. “It was once prohibited because of dreadful crimes committed by those concealed in masks. Even in convents! It’s too terrible to tell you what happened. Now the mask is important again. Particularly when people go out to gamble in the night. Never go near anyone with a mask.” How could this happen? As they would never let me out of the Pieta unless we went to the Basilica or the Scuola to perform, I could never understand this! And then one evening…”

#2 purple thunder

Together, during her period of leave-taking and bonds-releasing, we hear the Music of the Concert like some mighty purple thunder blasting the skies open with the sheer force of perfect beauty.

And all this we hear and see and accept in the silence of our one-ness… because one thing we learned and accepted together in the Interlude is that reality happens only in Bach Silence, in the rest between the notes, in the forgotten beginning of the grace note, in the reverberations of the harmony that becomes one with the universe.

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