the shape of water… life? evil? love? music? poetry?

 I saw it last night and don’t know how to give words to the mute poetry of it all.  I, a swimmer, immersed myself in it.  Perhaps the whole idea is that once the solitary journey is over, I will never surface.  Nor will I want to.  I shall go from here to there where I will breathe with the aid of love, music, poetry. Not air. Eternity is breathing submerged in water.

I wondered about Desplat as I fell under the spell of the very first note. And he is the composer… of the original music… and my mood.

All I can say is – go, sink, stay… until you’ve got it figured out. And then will come the door to Home.

Unable to perceive the shape of You,
I find You all around me.
Your presence fills my eyes with Your love,
It humbles my heart,
For You are everywhere.

[del Toro, under the influence of Rumi]


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