a word on time and in time

The rush of seconds, hours, years that hurls us towards life then drags us towards nothingness … We inhabit time as fish live in water. Our being is being in time. Its solemn music nurtures us, opens the world to us, troubles us, frightens and lulls us. The universe unfolds into the future, dragged by time, and exists according to the order of time.(Carlo Rovelli in The Order of Time)

I have been fascinated and perplexed by time since I was three and sat on a chair waiting for the clock hands to point to 3 and 9 so I could go to Linda Fox’s birthday party and see how to turn 4. The experience was pure agony. How could going from 6 to 9 take sooooo long when being allowed to play for an hour after supper passed so quickly?

See more of my thoughts on time in my book:http://a.co/d/dpsWNRLAfter the Interlude: A Dialogue about Death and Beyond by Ellyn Peirson et al.Link: http://a.co/d/dpsWNRL