memories of Glenn Peirson

This section is about Glenn Peirson and is mostly for Theodora and Henry…

You’ve heard how it takes a village to raise a child, haven’t you?  Well, one of the major fears that children have when they’ve lost a parent is that they’ll forget and their memories will be gone.

This is an invitation to everyone who knew Glenn – please record your best Glenn-ish memories here, and I’ll eventually put them in a book for Theo and Henry.

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  1. Henry & Theo:

    Every year when I was around your ages (and younger), I always looked forward to your Pop’s birthday party that your Grandma would throw for him in their backyard.

    There would be hotdogs and ice cream and we’d fool around in the above-ground pool your Grandparents had but the ultimate was the necessary game of mini-putt we would have every year a stone’s throw away at the old Pergola (which sadly is being turned into a strip mall…sigh).

    We’d laugh and tease each other as we putted our way through the course. It would always seem that everyone was still in the race right up until the last hole – the-swinging-block-thingee-over-the-hole, hole. Then your Dad who a second before would have of course been teasing somebody would get this serious look on his face, and always (friggin ALWAYS!) putt in a hole-in-one for the win. And just when you’d want to slug him for suckering you into believing you had a chance to win, he’d reach down and retrieve his ball from the cup, stand up, grin and laugh; “so who’s playing for second place?”. It’d drive you nuts but everybody would break out laughing.

    As far back as I can remember, it never, ever once rained on your Dad’s birthday. I always wondered how he managed that trick…


  2. Theo & Henry & Mary!

    Just the coolest Daddy/Glenn/birthday experience.

    Sheila and I went to Artisanale for lunch (ran into Sya on our way in), and Yasser came to the table. I told him it was your Daddy’s birthday, and he said how much he misses Daddy. Sheila and I had such a rich time while Neil drove you to & from piano lessons and “grandfather-sat” Granddad. When we asked for the bill, we were told that our lunch was “taken care of by Yasser” – we added “and Glenn”!

    What a neat birthday party!

    3 cheers for Daddy’s (and our) favourite restaurant:

  3. Glenn would have been 47 today in earth years. We would have celebrated as best we could as a family. Likely on the shores of Lake Huron, probably at Spindrift and would have definitely included fine wine, great food and blueberries.

    I remember Glenn’s b-day dinners at Spindrift. I remember before the Island Cottage was bought how we’d all fit in that tiny little cottage. Glenn and Mary often in the front or middle bedroom, with Theo and/or Henry above or beside them depending on timing. I remember how no matter what the weather, we all “fit” in Spindrift. It never felt too full or too empty, it just always felt right. Glenn’s birthday of course usually featured good weather being in July, so we could run around outside and have fun, play basketball or horseshoes and build our appetite. Of course there was ALWAYS Blueberry pie, imagine that.

    Today when I awoke I decided it was a perfect day to wear one of Glenn’s ties to work (thanks again Mary). I selected a more casual one as I’m also wearing jeans, and what did I find on the back of it – a bit of masking tape with the name “Henry Peirson” on it. Hard to tell who’s writing it is, but what a great way for me to celebrate my BIG brother in law’s birthday!

    I remember that Glenn would want us to celebrate today! Not to miss him (or not much anyway) but to remember him and who he was and what that means to each of us. He would yell at us if we were being morose, tell us to snap out of it and move on. I also have a wee vision of he and Albert Einstein today (no idea why) – but I bet it’s a great debate!

    I love you Glenn, Happy Birthday!

    1. Submitted on 2011/07/23 at 3:54 am | In reply to uncle dave.

      Dave, Henry and I were reading your lovely post (thank you!) but we are compelled to point out that Glenn would have been 46 yrs old today. I know this immediately in part because I am 47 and Glenn was always happy to rib me over the fact that I was so much older than him and in fact had robbed the cradle! For 3 brief months each year my age sounds 2 yrs younger than him (my birthday being in April) and the hassling was extra intense. I prefer to think my friends and family are duly impressed that I scooped a younger man!

      Glenn liked birthdays and liked to speak of the 3 months after my birthday as his ‘birthday season’ during which he would consistently torment me over what I was getting him for his birthday. He was absolutely notorious for being able to figure it out or know in advance somehow. I don’t think I ever completely surprised him with a gift – he loved the game of trying to figure it out. As the date drew closer there would be the ‘birthday month’ followed by the ‘birthday week” and finally the countdown to the day.

      As you said most of those birthdays were celebrated at the cottage with his favourite meals (spagetti pie, or marinated flank steak or straight up steaks on the BBQ) along with some fabulous red wine and of course Marj’s blueberry pie. It took me years to adjust to the blueberry pie because I had an aversion after a particularly unfortunate vomiting experience at the age of 6 that involved blueberry pie. Now I love it and so do Theo and Henry.

      Glenn would want us to celebrate today (or a day closely connected as he wasn’t a stickler for the exact day as long as it involved Lake Huron and the Bruce Peninsula). Theo and I are heading to the cottage tomorrow and we will do that.

      Perhaps our most memorable July 22 was 1991 when Glenn proposed to me at the Centre of the Universe on the shores of Whiskey Harbour. He chose that exact day because he knew I would least expect it because I had made it his day to celebrate.
      And he was right – when he produced the ring I was so shocked my first words were, ‘GET OUT!!!’.

      Happy memories. Thanks for the posts Ellyn and Dave. And much love to my sweetheart on his birthday.

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