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    downtown Guelph – Catholic Hill

    the Basilica of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception: From the earliest days of the settlement of Guelph, Catholics have played a role in the life of the community. Bishop Macdonell, the Bishop of Kingston, who was responsible for the Catholic Church in Ontario, was a friend of John Galt, the founder of Guelph. He had supported Galt’s work with the Canada Company, which was charged with developing much of the land in southern Ontario. When Galt established the new settlement on April 23, 1827, he gave to the Catholic Church the hill in the center of the town. In his Autobiography he writes: “a beautiful central hill was reserved for…

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    Climate Change Is

    A number of the young teenagers I’ve talked to lately have raised their deep concerns about climate change.  I feel they must be thinking and talking about it a lot.  About the same amount as those of us older than they are NOT talking about it. And one bright 14 year old girl said to me, “I think you’re all leaving it up to us.”  And then she smiled, “And we can do it!” So I think it’s time for MORE TALK..

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    How old are the Britons?

    RECOMMENDATION: a Natural History Museum – the website of which is an incredible time traveller: http://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/first-britons.html Excerpt: First Britons By Lisa Hendry First published 15 December 2017 Britain, with its rich history of monarchies, industry and culture, holds a lesser-known story in its past. It’s the story of how people came to be here at all and their struggle for survival in a dramatically changing environment. It begins nearly one million years ago. Britain’s unique location – between the Atlantic and continental Europe – means that it has experienced the fullest extremes of climate. Over the past million years, its climate has fluctuated from balmy Mediterranean-like conditions to long stages…