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November 21, 2017:

the top of my head is going to come off!! The president of the USA says Moore didn’t molest those girls because it was 40 years ago and Moore “totally denies” it.

In all my years doing and then supervising sexual abuse investigations, I never met one pedophile who admitted it. For God’s sake, they’re cowards and liars and they’re cunning!

Let’s go back 60 years in my family. My sister, 8 at the time, came to me to say our grandmother’s third husband, a United Church minister, had sexually assaulted her. I told my Dad, and all hell broke loose. Did I believe her? You betcha! Because he had tried it with me and I ultimately got away earlier in the process than Margaret did. Did it affect me? I still wonder if I could have prevented it for her? Did it affect her? Yes! All her life in many, many ways, including almost suiciding twice and in deciding not to have children.

Shame on any fathers who are on Trump’s side.

JUST UPLOADED – November 5/17 –

 THE SALON READINGS, an event of Ellyn sharing readings from her books…

click on the pics and use the arrows:

THE OFFICIAL TRAILER  of my soon to be published book of poetry:

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